Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here are the results from the 12/03/2011 kyu test as conducted and graded by Sensei Mikami. The first group, the white belts through the orange belts, did excellent as the results will show. However, those are easier tests and require far less mental concentration and physical focus (see the definition of Zanshin below). The second group, the green belts and above, was much weaker for their rank and did not exhibit the spirit, concentration and physical technique necessary for higher belts. You will see the results are a lot lower.

Frankly, the brown belts did not do a good job at all. Sensei Mikami's comments to me were that none of the brown belts even looked like brown belts. Honestly, how do you expect to get black belts if you can't get your standards up to brown belts? You can only get better by one method, harder more concentrated training.

I know most of you guys are young, but we have had young black belts before. If any of you want to achieve a black belt, you have a lot of work to do. All the horseplay, cutting up and goofing off is catching up with you all and your lack of a a serious concentrated effort and strong foundation will continue to be a problem. I would suggest that you all go to more classes and especially more basic classes so that you can relearn that which you should have already learned.

ZANSHIN is the "returning" or "remaining" mind. It is the state of total awareness in Karate. To achieve this mental state you must focus your concentration and energy into your opponent or imagined opponent. This relaxed state of alertness allows one to be completely prepared and quickly react. Please develop this important martial arts attribute and take your training more seriously. Without it, your Karate will not improve at advanced levels.

Please double click on the grades below to see a larger image and for the "good news / bad news." Keep training harder!