Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ALL SOUTH 2008. Special congratulations to all the participants of the 2008 Tournament from NIKI. We had 11 competitors and 3 ring officials and judges. Participants were Aaron Jeffreys, Jake Hebert, Kyle Jeffreys (3rd Kumite), Nicholas Bellingham (3rd Kumite), Reed Bellingham (3rd Kata), Candis Durand (3rd Kumite), Brandon Kongphongmany (2nd Kumite), David Jeffreys (2nd Kumite), Thomas Dean (2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite), Chase Norris (1st Kumite) and Cody Sedlitsky (2nd Kata, 1st Kumite). Officiating were Steve Bellingham, Candis Durand, Chad Norris and Sensei Scott Decuir. Here is a photograph of the team just before the tournament began.
I was very proud of all the participants because, whether they won or not, they competed with great dignity, character and poise. They all exhibited a strict adherence to the proper rules of conduct and they all participated with good sportsmanship. I was always taught that it doesn't matter if you win or lose, only how you play the game. Well, our team played the game with great class which reflected well upon their Sensei. Thanks to all. Osu, Sensei Scott.

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