Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UPDATE. The JKAAF did very well at the competition, winning the women's individual kumite and kata events (Ray) and the men's kumite (Devin) and Kata (Lane) events. Ray was named the outstanding female competitor and Lane was named the outstanding male competitor. Our region won men's team kata and kumite and women's team kata amd kumite. It was pretty much a clean sweep of the tournament. Our Acadiana competitor who competed on Sunday did excellent. Lane Nevils won the silver medal in men's sparring, the gold medal in men's kata, and two gold other medals for team kata and kumite (as well as the overall best male competitor award). Holly Damico won a gold medal for women's team sparring. Soon Yeoh won two gold medals for men's team kata and kumite. Candis Durand won two gold medals for women's team kata and kumite.

The U.S. team trials were then held between tournament winners and Mr. Mori's competitor's from the SKDI. Having not competed in the tournament, the SKDI competitors were definitely in an advantageous position in the team trial competition. In addition to that, they were very strong at Karate. From the JKAAF organization, Candis, Ray, and Rachel competed on the women's side. Devin, Tony Nakamura, Lane, Dimitri and Soon competed on the men's side. Everyone did kata and fought very well and with great spirit. In the end, from our organization, Ray, Devin, Tony and Lane were named to the United States team that will be competing in Tokyo in 2009 for the world championships. Congratulations to everyone on a very successful tournament.

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