Saturday, December 6, 2014

Here are the test result from the 12-6-14 kyu test.  If you click on the image it will become larger and easier to read.  I thought everyone did very well.  Of the 45 testing, 22 made perfect scores, so that is an excellent result.  Furthermore, no one failed.

Some of the students, particularly the younger ones and the higher ranks, only made one half steps.  In a couple of instances this may have resulted in you not getting the next color of belt you were testing for.  If this happened, remember that you are closer now than you were before and if you make a small improvement you will achieve your goals next test.  Endeavor, whether you made the grade you were trying for or whether you were disappointed in your result and you will always come out ahead in Karate.

If you wonder why you made a certain grade compared to others in your class or group, examine what they do that you don't.  Do they train harder or concentrate more or do they attend special outside events like camps and tournaments that give them extra training?  All of these things can make a difference.  Just work hard and stick with it and you will go very far in your study of Karate.


Sensei Scott

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