Thursday, April 16, 2020

     Today sadly marks one month that the dojo has been closed.  I really miss everyone and our classes a lot.  Although I consider Karate essential, the State and Parish disagree at this point.  I hope everyone has been practicing their Karate and staying physically fit at home during this time of social isolation.
     There are good resources available to help with your at home practice.  Facebook has a group, Karate@home, which is very good.  Youtube also has a variety of karate streaming classes for training at home.  Most of the classes are modified due to space restrictions and lack of training partners, but still will keep your skill level intact.  Karate is always best executed by active participants, so remaining active is the key to keeping your karate skills high.
     There WAS a test scheduled for April 25th which is now officially cancelled.  I am awaiting the Governor’s office to determine what extensions they are considering, but I am currently projecting a mid-May reopening hopefully.  That will put us out of the dojo for two full months.  I will consult with the black belts and the instructors from Lafayette to determine how and when to reschedule the test.  I guess a lot will depend on the level of the students physically and technically when we reconvene. 
     Dues for the month of April were suspended.  Unfortunately, due to a banking glitch I was unaware of, three students did have their accounts debited.  I am very sorry that happened.  After the fact I found the error and will make sure that it doesn’t happen to them again and that they are given credit for the first month we return.  All three registered on the same month, so I think it had something to do with that.  Anyway, though the dojo is closed our bills do continue, so I appreciate everyone’s continued support and want you to know that any dues and fees will continue to be suspended during the time of closure automatically. 
     When the dojo first reopens, we will scan members for temperature and ask anyone who feels sick to go to the doctor before training as an extra precaution for members.  You should wear shoes to the school, but to remove them before entering the training area.  You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before training either at home or at the dojo.  We will likely limit partner training for a while too and try to spread everyone out more on the floor.  Self-defense also includes defending yourself from environmental adversaries, like this virus.  We will follow the safest practices possible while balancing that with each student’s need to continue their physical and technical trainings.
     I am toying with the idea of trying to make an at home training video for everyone myself, but I don’t really have the equipment or production skills necessary to make a very good video.  If I can get something put together, it will probably be done on my phone, so I don’t expect very high quality.
     I will update you with more information as soon as I get it.  In the meanwhile the dojo has been cleaned and disinfected completely and has remained closed for four weeks.  As soon as we are given the green light, we will be ready for re-opening.  I look forward to seeing you all there at that time.


Sensei Scott

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